This series of low cost and high quality reminiscence book and memory cards has been developed specifically to support the process of reminiscence and to allow people living with dementia to recall positive memories. They have been designed and modified following engagement with care home dementia specialists and local dementia champions. We feel they will provide a highly useful tool for both relatives and carers to aid effective, person centred care.

The book is 24 page A4 and the memory card pack is 16 A5 double sided laminated cards with accompanying carers / relatives information sheet. Covering life in Britain from the 1940’s to the 1960’s, we have chosen imagery that reflects life from this period in a memorable and positive way. Inside the book, we have also included black and white pages intended for colouring, bringing to life people past and memories shared.

The Decades poster set features colourful images from past decades.  Including  glamorous movie stars, people, places and events that were a part of our lives in the last forty years of life in Britain. The fully laminated posters will make a colourful addition to care home memory lanes and quiz activities.

As seen in “Living With Dementia” – Alzheimer’s Society Magazine May 2014 issue


les ives decades-pack


Decades book price: £8.99

A4 24 page book

Product code: 1001

les ives decades-cards

Decades card pack price: £8.99

X16 A5 double sided and fully laminated card set with carers/relatives information sheet supplied

Product code: 1002

les ives decades-poster

Decades poster set price:  £8.99

X4 A3 full colour laminated poster set

Product code: 1003


Past times

‘Pastimes’ is a fully illustrated reminiscence book and card set, featuring pastimes and activities from previous decades of life in Britain. It will evoke happy childhood memories of playtime games and hobbies, television shows, teenage pursuits, entertainment
and sporting personalities from the 1940’s to the 1970’s.

les ives pastimes-pack



les ives pastimes-book

Pastimes book price: £8.99

A4 24 page book

Product code: 1004

les ives pastimes-cards

Pastimes card pack price: £8.99

X16 A5 double sided and fully laminated card set with carers/relatives information sheet supplied

Product code: 1005

les ives pastimes-posters

Pastimes poster set price:  £8.99

X4 A3 full colour laminated poster set

Product code: 1006



As We Were

The third in our series of reminiscence packs. As We Were is a book and memory card set containing imagery of the fashions, jobs and professions from the 1940s to the 1970s. The As We Were poster set features colourful images of past fashions, high street trades people and workers from a variety of jobs and industries.


as we were book

As We Were book price £8.99

A4 24 page book

Product code: 1007



postcard set

Pastimes card pack price £8.99

X16 A5 fully laminated card set with carers /relatives information sheet.

Product code: 1008



Ae We Were poster set price £8.99

X4 A3 full colour laminated poster set.

Product code: 1009













New for 2017
‘Four Seasons’ jigsaw range. Our four piece jigsaw set follows the changing of the seasons through a 1960s village. From deepest snowy winter, spring sunshine and showers, summers day ice cream and cricket and completing with autumn leaves and children playing conkers.

4 x colourful age appropriate designs.

1 2










New for 2016. 16 piece A3 size jigsaws. Printed on thick laminated board, this 16 piece jigsaw is positioned within a border and includes picture image and jigsaw piece key lines, printed on base for help and guidance. Features x4 colourful age appropriate designs.

Jigsaws price £14.95 (per jigsaw)


Colouring Set

On large A3 format paper, our retro colouring set includes a World War II family, 1950’s fairground and 1960’s seaside and picnic scenes. Incorporating memorable imagery from these eras and giving opportunity to add colour to events and happy memories from the past.

Price: £8.99 X3 of x4 kinds of picture set. Total 12 sheets – Packed in A3 polythene bag.
Product code: 1010

Retro themed general colouring book.
A4 16 page colouring book.
Assorted age appropriate pictures from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. Including Spitfire aircraft, Rock n Roll dancers, Marilyn Monroe…
Product code: 1011
Price: £8.99
New-Retro Themed Children’s TV characters colouring book.
A4 16 page colouring book.
Children’s television characters and programmes from the 1960s/1970s.
Including Andy Pandy, Thunderbirds, Dr Who…
Product code: 1012
Price: 8.99
New-Retro Themed Adult TV characters colouring book.
A4 16 page colouring book.
Adult television characters and programmes from the 1960s/1970s. Including Cilla Black, Dads Army, Coronation Street…
Product code: 1013
Price: 8.99


Wall Sticker

Wall sticker created for Sycamore Hall, Ripon (New Century Care Homes) Quotations available upon specification.



How to Order?

Please contact Les ives from the contact above.These products are also available from the  The Alzheimer’s Society online shop ,, Amazon, ROMPA, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Products Limited, Spectrum Consortium, Care England, Gompels Health care Ltd, Visual Communication Aid, Deliver Net Limited. All products are VAT exempt and products can be purchased individually.


“Your Dementia book & cards have been very well received by the staff, residents and relatives and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Jill Brown
Activities Co-ordinator
Bilton Hall Nursing Home
(Ultimate Care Group)

“The Decades book is great.  We showed it to our residents at Wetherby Manor and found that it brought back many memories for them.  Not only did each illustration start a conversation but it was sustained and the residents engaged well with one another. It brought back good memories and also sad ones (the war) but they all realised that they had that connection and it seemed to bring them all together as we sat looking through the book.  I hope this is one of many!”

Mishel Ingle
Dementia leader
Wetherby Manor
(Hadrian Health Care Group)

“Our residents engaged well with the Decades book and memory card set. The colourful pictures resonated well with them, brought back many happy memories and encouraged discussion. I would thoroughly recommend these products.”

Gloria Brown
South Collingham Hall, Newark
(Broadoak Group of Care Homes)

“I have spoken to the home manager who has been trialling the flash cards and she has said that her activities co-ordinator reports that the cards are easy to use, facilitate discussion and the residents enjoy the subject matter.”

Julie Rayner
Director of Governance, Quality & Compliance
(Executive Care Group)


“Just a short note to say thank you for introducing the dementia books and packs to Highfield. As activities co-ordinator I have used them several times and it has sparked a lot of conversation between our residents, not only with people suffering from dementia but also with the elderly frail. I also used the cards on our memory lane board. It brought back a lot of fond memories with all our residents.” 

Richard Sweeting
Activities organiser
Highfield Care Home
(Barchester Homes)

“Your products were very well received by the residents and as they were colourful illustrations rather than photographs, they were very clear and provided a lot of opportunity for discussion. People shared their thoughts and memories, using the pictures as a catalyst to their own contribution to the discussion. I look forward to more books and cards in the future. ”

Carol Hall
Israel Sieff Court
(Anchor Trust)

“The Decades pack were a great conversation starter and helped staff engage with residents. They provided great reminiscence therapy.”

Sally Smith
Browns Field House
(Abbeyfield Society)

“I would recommend the reminiscence books and flashcards, our residents have enjoyed the content and colours used. When using the materials they brighten up and become very involved in the activity. We have also found it very useful to use with those that do not enjoy group activities as it gives them one to one time.”

Suzanne Smith
Crest Care Home Manager


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